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Thursday, August 14, 2008

Me and the girls

This is Aramie, Erin and, Myself eating at the Cowgirl Hall of Fame in Santa Fe. The three of us will be turning 30 this year. Erin felt like we should be together for this momentous occasion so she made it happen. Aramie and I flew out and stayed with Erin and her family and got to see a few of the sights in New Mexico. Though it is not green and lush it definitely has its draws. The weather was beautiful and the food delicious. I loved Santa Fe though Erin assures me that there is a lot of weird there. Let's just face it I am weird myself so I may just fit in there. I love these girls and despite our differences we have stayed close friends since we were children. I love them and am grateful that they are mine. I also want to say thanks again to Erin for making it happen. I will make 40 happen. I want to go to Greece. But we shall see. Stay tuned.

Friday, August 1, 2008

Kid at heart

So this week has been full of kids. On Monday I spent the day with Elizabeth and her kids which is always a good time. Tuesday I babysat the little girl Morgan that I live with. We went to the zoo with Elizabeth her kids and my new friend Jill and her two adorable little girls. Though the zoo here is not as good as the Jax zoo it was fun. I was running all over the place making sure that I saw absolutely everything. The moms would wait outside exhibits and let me take the three older kids. I was not going to miss anything. At one point I was like lets go up this hill and Morgan said I'm tired I am going to stay with Elizabeth. I was working those kids hard making them keep up with me. After the zoo we went swimming. I had so much fun. Then on Wednesday I got to keep the cutest girl ever Gracie so that Rach could have a date with herself. I love that girl. Thusday I went to the movie with the little boy that I live with Josh and that evening I went over to Jill's and met Elizabeth. We ate and played with the kids. Today I have Morgan again so that Josh and Gwyneth can go see The Mummy. I have to admit children sure help you to stay young. They are hard work but totally worth it and I am just part time. I am grateful that I just got a little taste of being a mom. Well stay tuned for more to come.