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Monday, May 26, 2008

The Blood Bath

The other day I was not feeling great but I decided it would be a good idea to watch the kids that I live with. I try to be helpful as much as I can. Gwyneth and Dave both had things they needed to do so I was glad I could help. Well it all began with our trip to Chik-fil-a. Genious they could eat and play. Well we got our food and I must say that Morgan did a great job eating and was very pleasant so I excused her to the play area while Joshua and I finished our food. We were of course right next to the area in case of emergency. We were eating and giggling when someones kid runs out and screams there is a kid on the slide bleeding. I quickly think dangit. I go in to the area and of course hear Morgan screaming. She refuses to come down the slide. I try to encourage her but to no avail. So what do you think happens next. I decide to climb my very large @$$ up the slide to save the day. As I am climbing up the slide there is blood rushing towards me. It is not until I get almost to the top the top that I see her. She has both arms and legs pressed against the sides so that she does not go down the slide. Besides the death grip she has the worst bloody nose that I have ever seen in my life and in front of her there is a giant pool of blood and this is coming from a family where my brother is an athlete I have seen my fair share of bloody noses. I can not describe to you the horror as I try to coax her down. She says to me I can't come down I will get in on my clothes. Mind you she has blood pouring down her face and the front of her white shirt is red at this point. So I procede to Grab her hand and force her down the slide. We run to bathroom and we are almost there when someone offers a napkin. I keep running and yell no thanks. You are never to busy for good manners. We get in there and I kid you not her nose bleeds for what seems like hours but I think that is was more like 5 minutes but that is a long time. She quickly stops crying and as I hold paper towel on her nose I call her mom. I guess this has been a common occurence in the house for you see Josh has already had his nose cauterized. I am thinking our next stop will be the emergency room. There was even blood coming out of her mouth. GROSS! Her mom is very calm and gives me some instructions and says that she will call Dad because he is closer. We hang up and shortly after the blood slows down and stops so I call her back and tell her to call off Dave. She does and I am talking to Morgan apologizing for the accident and she comforts me by saying oh Leah it's not your fault my friend did it. So of course I have to carry her to the car because she has just been through this terrible ordeal. We are on our way home and she says I am excited I get a bath. And then she insists on calling her parents of course I oblige and she gives them a play by play. She tells them but don't worry because my friend Leah helped me. She is so funny. I decide then to call my mom the nurse not to ask medical advice but instead I ask how to get the blood out of our clothes. Morgan then decides that she really needs to talk to my mom and let her know what happened. She tells her the story and then says Leah and I were so scared but I made it. She is so smart. Did I mention that she is barely 4. We did in fact make it and the parents were very grateful that I was watching her and not one of there normal teenage babysitters. I forgot to say that not one person from Chik-fil-a said anything to us. Crazy huh! Well that is all for now. Stay tuned.

Monday, May 19, 2008

From the Slacker

So needless to say I have been extremely busy. I go to school year round but I work for a performing arts studio. I have 4 voice students and I am the music director for 5 song and dance groups so it is Spring and that means recital time. We just finished the voice recital. It was great my kids did wonderful and I sang as well. I am a little hoarse so I was not in full voice but it wasn't about me anyway. Our recital for the dance groups is coming up and that will free me up a little. I mean just a little because I have to get a group prepared to go to New York. Sadly I am to poor to go but I am sure they will do great. So that is where I have been sorry for taking so long to blog. I will be back soon.

Friday, May 9, 2008

I Wanna See My Daddy!

I really enjoyed my mom while she was here but it has recently come to my attention that I like my dad a lot and I want to see him. I do not miss Brunswick but I sure do miss the people there. That is it.

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

I'm the Winner!

I am so excited and I feel so honored to be the recipient of this very prestigious award. It feels good to have my accomplishments recognized and honored. So thank you to all.

Monday, May 5, 2008

Hey There!

So the visit with my mom was great even though I was unable to spend a lot of time with her. I took the first couple of days that she was here off but then I had to go back to my regular life which consists of school and work. So she spent the majority of her time her with Rachael and her family. There has not been anything very exciting going on here and I apologize but I must admit that boring on occassion is nice. So stay tuned for more to come.